PNR STATUS - Simply check your PNR status here

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Our website has been designed to make the process of checking the PNR status of your Indian Railway ticket easier than ever. 

Let us tell you how to use the above form-

  • Be aware of your 10 digit PNR number
  • Enter it in the form field indicated above
  • Click on “Get PNR Status” to submit the form
  • A new web page with your latest PNR status will load in seconds!


  • What is PNR Status? The booking status of your IRCTC ticket is called PNR status. It shows whether your ticket is reserved or waitlisted or confirmed etc. 
  • What is “PNR”? PNR is an abbreviated form for “Passenger Name Record”. If you purchase a train ticket and it is in Reservation against cancellation (RAC) or Waitlist (W/L), you will be allotted a PNR number, which will have 10 digits. You can use this to find out the current status of your train ticket.
  • Why should you check PNR status? Getting a train ticket that is in waitlist is quite common when traveling in India. To be updated with the latest status of your ticket, so that you can decide whether to cancel the ticket or not, you should check PNR status. This can be done online on our website. Please check the top of this page to effortlessly search for your latest status in IRCTC booking system!


To check your PNR status, you can make use of the following three ways-

  • Through SMS service. You can utilize the SMS service for finding out your present PNR status by sending your 10 digit PNR number via SMS to either 139 or 5676747. You simply need to type your PNR number in the SMS, nothing else. If you disturb the format, you may not receive a response.
  • Through a PC using the internet. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can easily check your PNR status on our site XXXXXXXXXXXX. This is the easiest and fastest way to check your PNR status. For a tutorial on how to use, please check the top of this page.
  • Through an app on a smartphone. If you have a smartphone, you can install a number of apps available on your store to check PNR status. You will need an active internet connection to do that.


IRCTC or Indian Railways releases RAC (Reservation against cancellation) tickets once all seats on the train are booked. After the RAC seats are all booked, W/L (Waiting list) tickets are released. As the date of travel approaches, many people cancel their tickets for several reasons. When this happens, the RAC ticket holders have a chance of getting a confirm train ticket. Similarly, waiting list ticket holders can ascend to RAC. Sometimes in the last minute when the chart for the train is prepared, if it is found that seats are available, they are allotted to RAC and Waiting list people. This demands a lot of patience and a little risk. 

List of different tickets in accordance with their chances of confirmation-

1st – Available

2nd- RAC

3rd- W/L

That being said, let us help you in understanding your ticket. There will be two numbers on your ticket, one tells your position when the booking was made and the other one tells the present position.

For example- You have made a travel plan and you book a ticket on the date and time of your preference. The booking status of your ticket shows WL6/WL3. This means that at the time you booked the ticket you were on the waitlist at the 6th position, but when you finally made the payment, you ascended to 3rd position. This happens commonly because either somebody canceled their tickets or someone did not make the payment for their ticket. 

The first digit of your W/L status will remain the same since it represents when you joined the waiting list but the second digit will decrease. As more people cancel their tickets or fail to make the final booking, you have a chance to get a confirmed ticket. If you get the ticket, you will be shown a confirmed status and seat will be allotted to you when the chart is prepared for that particular train.

Your ticket can go from WL6/WL3 to WL6/RAC1 to WL6/CNF

  • When your status is WL6/WL3, you cannot get on the train.
  • When your status is WL6/RAC1, you can get on the train but you will only receive half a seat, not the entire berth.
  • When your status is WL6/CNF, you can get on the train and on your allotted berth.


After the chart for your particular train is prepared, the ticket amount for your waiting ticket will be refunded to your bank account. Although, it is to be noted that on the last day there is a good chance for a waiting ticket to reach RAC. If your waiting ticket reaches RAC, the amount will not be refunded to you since RAC is a boarding ticket and thus it cannot be canceled.