Check the Seat Availability of IRCTC Trains


Using this site, you can check the seat availability between two stations on a particular date in a specific quota. We understand how tough it can be to find a seat in trains of Indian Railway. 

With this search tool, you can find your desirable seat if it’s available. Even if you could not, there is nothing to worry about. Just see our tips and trick on how to use this tool to get your perfect seat. It’s not going to be easy, but don’t lose hope! 

To search for your seat-

1. Enter the source, that is, the station from where you will leave

2. Enter the destination, that is, the station to which you want to go

3. Enter the date you want to travel on

4. Select desired quota

          a. Click on “Submit” to submit the form

          b. new web page with your result will load within seconds

Useful tip: If you are looking to get your ticket confirmed, wait at least 30 mins before charting preparation of the train. Why? Because there are many people who have got multiple tickets to get one confirmed, at least. At the last minute, people cancel their tickets, and there is a good chance that your ticket will get confirmed. This happens most of the time but not necessarily always. Preparation and patience are the keys.